Participative democracy

The democracy is the heart of Cidadania‘s professional project. It is a field where it is positive to penetrate, so much in the public administrations, since in the social and economic organizations.

Our work consists of facilitating that the citizenship takes part actively in the public policies and also helps that the associations and social groups develop and they strengthen.

Cidadania is pioneering in Galicia in this work, and comes assuming the technical direction of participative processes as the A21L of the principal Galician cities, Ferrol’s Participative Budgets and others public and associative projects.

The participative democracy is an area in which we experiment and innovate constant.

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Social investigation

Cidadania realizes sociological investigations, using the different quantitative and qualitative methodologies: study of the qualifications and professional profiles, analysis of social needs, surveys, groups of discussion, forums,…

We are professionals of this area and design the investigations thinking of obtaining the major usefulness: it moves us to understand the reality to be able to affect in her.

When we realize participative investigation-action, we put in value the contributions of the persons and social groups.

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Public consultancy

The public policies can be more guessed right if there use well the tools of analysis, planning and evaluation in which Cidadania is specialized. We promise to put the disciplines of the social sciences to the service of the modernization and the improvement of the public action.

For it, Cidadania develops: design and putting in march of public policies; planning; dynamization of technical equipments and evaluation of plans, programs and services.

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Organizational improvement

Departing from the central importance of the persons, Cidadania has the following criteria:

  • The advice and the formation is specialized, fleeing of universal recipes.
  • We apply the approach of the formation-action, learning from the practical application of the knowledge.
  • We put to disposition tools that guarantee that the organizations could continue of autonomous form his processes of change and improvement.

Cidadania is an equipment of reference in the organizational improvement of the cooperatives and entities of social economy.

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